DraftKingsPerhaps the title of the most aggressive DFS site is DraftKings. They have only been around for a couple of years, but have the most diverse game offering and aren’t afraid to offer large contests with a huge first place prize.

They are the 2nd biggest site in the industry and the variety of games offered is a huge reason why.

Games Offered:

  • NBA
  • NFL
  • MLB
  • NHL
  • College Football
  • College Basketball
  • Soccer (English Premiere League, World Cup, and Champions League)
  • PGA
  • MMA

Ways to Deposit:

  • Credit Card
  • PayPal
  • Dwolla
  • Game Structure:

    DraftKings offers only “salary-cap” contests currently. They have some flexibility in their lineups, depending on what sport. For example, in NBA, you have to roster one player from each position, with then a guard spot, a forward spot, and a utility spot. For sports like MMA and PGA, there are no special roster requirements. Almost all of the team-based sports will have a Flex/Utility spot, giving some more variety to rosters.

    DraftKings is one of the few sites to have a “Late Swap” feature. This means you can change your lineup at any time prior to a player on your team starting their game. This is useful for those times that you are waiting for injury news or a lineup decision from a coach. It is also useful if a player you roster is a late scratch prior to the start of their game. A general strategy here is to put your latest starting player in the utility spot, so you have more options to adjust if he becomes a late scratch.

    Game Offerings:

    DraftKings offers your traditional DFS game types: Tournaments, 50/50s, and Head to Heads. The buy-ins for these range from $0.25 all the way up to $5,300.

    Tournaments- For their tournaments, DraftKings offers some of the largest field tournaments you will find in the industry. It’s common to see a tournament have more than 50,000 entries in it, with NFL having some that exceed 100,000. Most of the tournaments on DraftKings are Multi-Entry, with some being Single-Entry. DraftKings runs a lot of qualifiers for tickets to larger events or to an actual event itself. They also run steps tournaments, where you theoretically can turn $2 into $200 over a matter of games. The tournaments also may overlay, meaning they don’t always fill up. Yet, the prize pool is guaranteed, even if not every spot has been filled.

    50/50s and Double-Ups

    DraftKings only run 50/50s and don’t run any Double-Ups.


    These can be found at every price level as well. DraftKings allows you to see everyone who has a game in the lobby. They currently have a match-up blocker, meaning you can block up to 3 people from picking up your games.

    Website Design

    DraftKings is pretty easy to navigate around. You are able to not only view your lineups, but can also view all of your games. The lobby allows you to view games by whatever filter you want (price, sport, game type, etc…)


    DraftKings has their own App for Apple devices. Their app is very good and easy to use. The best part of the app is that it has the same features on it as their website version, meaning that you don’t have to learn how to navigate 2 versions of the same website.

    Lineup Entry

    A great thing about DraftKings is you don’t have to enter a game in order to enter a lineup. You are able to create a lineup first, and then go to the lobby and enter it into whatever contests you want. Also, on the lineups tab, you are able to mass edit a lineup and have it be updated in all contests that have the lineup. No exporting, no worrying about making sure it went to every game you wanted to. This is one of the big features of DraftKings that players enjoy.


    DraftKings offers a lot of flexibility in both lineup creation and game selection that you will find in DFS. This is the perfect site for you if you are one who doesn’t want to risk losing a game due to a late scratch or an injury. It is also perfect if you are looking to qualify into a bigger tournament that you couldn’t normally enter. With lots of options, DraftKings makes for a good site to give a try.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Should you be interested in playing at DraftKings, then there may be a few additional questions that you are seeking the answers to. With that in mind below you will find the most commonly asked questions in regards to playing here, and underneath each question you will find the answers to those questions, so keep on reading to find out just what this site has to offer you!

    1. Are Free to Enter Contests Available?

      You will find that as a new player at DraftKings you are, as part of your welcome package, going to be able to enter free contests and those contests will have real money prizes on offer. With that in mind make sure you sign up and register as soon as you can for those risk free cash prizes are there for the taking and someone has to win them!

    2. What are Daily League Contests?

      When you enter some fantasy league contests you are committed to playing in them for the entire season, and whilst that may appeal to some players, sometimes you will want a much faster playing contest. As such DraftKings now have made available a range of daily leagues and as such you will soon discover whether you have won or lost when entering them without having to wait until the end of the season!

    3. How Busy is DraftKings?

      One question that any experienced fantasy sports player will be interest in known the answer to is just how busy DraftKings is. For it is always going to be the case that the user sites will offer the biggest and highest valued prize pools and also the largest number of different fantasy sports leagues and contests. The DraftKings site is a very long established site and as such they have one of the largest numbers of players logging into their site daily, which means the prize pools on offer are huge and are always well worth winning!

    4. Is DraftKings Legal?

      As fantasy sports games, contests and leagues are deemed to be game of skill in many countries of the world you are going to have no problems playing here. Please do however check that your country and/or state of residence is one of their listed places and if so then you are good to go and can sign up and start to utilize their offerings straight away once you have open a new player account with them.

    5. Are Head to Head Games Available?

      You will be able to play a heads up one to one type game when you are a signed up player at the DraftKings site, and as such if you want a 50/50 chance of winning those head to head contests are of course the ones you will want to be playing in. Whilst the cash prizes on those types of contests are not going to be anywhere near as large as those offered on the larger entrant contests the odds of your winning them may be much more preferable.

    6. Will I be paid out My Winnings Quickly?

      You will not want to have to wait an absolute age to get paid your winnings when playing at a fantasy sports site, and nor should you be forced to wait. The DraftKings site are famed for their rapid winning payouts and to ensure you can be paid out to a method that is convenient to yourself, you will find they offer a large and very diverse range of banking options to allow you to select one that ensure you are paid your winnings in no time at all.

    7. Are guaranteed Prize Pools on offer?

      You will be pleased to learn that many of the DraftKings fantasy sports contests and leagues now boats guaranteed prize pools and some fairly substantial prize pools! When you enter these contests then the prize pool is going to be guaranteed no matter how many entrants there are in that contests, and as such if you get involved in them and there are not many entrants then your inning chances will naturally increase.

    8. How Can I Contact Customer Support?

      You are always going to have access to the help files and playing guides displayed on the DraftKings website, however if at any time you do have any question to which you cannot find the answers to on their website ten you will have direct contact with their team of support agents around the clock, so feel free to get in touch with them as they are a friendly and knowledgeable team who will soon have the answers you are seeking sent to you.