Fantasy Aces

Fantasy AcesWe know that DraftKings and FanDuel are the two biggest sites in the industry.

There could be an argument that #3 is currently Fantasy Aces.

Fantasy Aces offers live finals, along with 2 types of salary cap based games, giving the user a unique experience that has allowed them to grow in popularity in the DFS Community.

Games Offered:

  • NBA
  • NFL
  • MLB
  • NHL
  • College Football

Ways to Deposit:

  • Credit Card
  • PayPal

Game Structure:

Fantasy Aces just has salary-cap contests, but has 2 unique types of games. In both types, they have generic positions (such as Infielder in MLB and Forward in NBA), along with Utility postions to allow you to be as creative as you want with your rosters. MLB and NFL have you choose 11 players; NBA and NHL 9 players. The first is the traditional Salary Cap game, called Classic. This is like the other sites and the norm in DFS.

The most unique offering of Fantasy Aces is their “SalaryPro” contests. There is still a salary cap, but in this format, you are rewarded for spending under the cap and punished for going over the cap. For every $50 under the cap you are, you will get .10-.40 points (up to a predetermined maximum) as a bonus. For every $50 over, you are penalized .20-.80 points (up to predetermined maximum). This is unique to Fantasy Aces and is a fun alternative to the traditional salary cap game.

Fantasy Aces also has a “hard” roster lock. This means that whenever the first game of a contest begins, the rosters are locked and you can’t make any additional changes. This means that if a lineup has not been listed for a MLB team or a NBA player is questionable, you need to factor that into your lineup making.

Game Offerings:

Fantasy Aces offers your traditional DFS game types: Tournaments, 50/50s, and Head to Heads. The buy-ins for these range from $1 all the way up to $109.

Tournaments- Fantasy Aces will run tournaments for both their Classic and SalaryPro formats. They also will run multi-day “Survivor” tournaments, where you must finish in the top % to move on, until the final day, where the payouts occur. The points reset each day and is a fun way to play multiple days. They also run qualifier to a live final. It won’t be for a million dollars or even $100,000. However, it is very attainable and may be the best chance in DFS to make a live final and possibly even win it (Are you really complaining if you “only” win $40,000? I didn’t think so).

50/50s and Double-Ups

Fantasy Aces runs 50/50s, and you can find them for both game formats at all price levels.


These can be found at every price level as well.

Website Design

Fantasy Aces has a pretty clean interface that allows you to sort through games and enter into a contest pretty easily. You are able to sort by type of game or buy-in, and are able to enter a contest from the lobby by simply importing your lineup with 2 clicks. They do have a scoreboard feature that allows you to keep track of how you are doing, but does not continuously update. You must refresh to see how you are doing.


Fantasy Aces currently does not have a mobile app or platform, but may have one in the future.

Lineup Entry

You must enter a game and create a lineup. From there, you can export that lineup to other games that you may enter, or quickly enter other contests in the lobby with just one-click, or mass enter after entering one game.


Fantasy Aces has the variety that should satisfy any DFS player’s wants. Their unique SalaryPro format provides a nice alternative to the traditional salary cap structure. Their live finals with only a few people may give you the best shot at not only making a live final, but also winning one. Their survivor contests also give you the chance to cash by performing well over multiple days. Fantasy Aces is popular among DFS players and is a site you definitely need to try.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are committed to bringing you as much information as is possible in regards to each of our listed and approved fantasy sports sites, and as such below you will find a range of commonly asked questions relating to this site. Underneath each of the questions listed below you will find all of the answers to those questions that should help you make a more informed decision as to whether this is going to be the site for you.

  1. Is the Fantasy Aces Site Easy to Use?

    You should have no problems what so ever getting used to the way the Fantasy Aces site works and operates, For this leading fantasy sports site has designed their gaming platform to be as user friendly as is possible and it is laid out in an easy to understand format, and as soon as you have registered as a new player and have logged into your account you will instantly be able to find a contest or league that appeals to you from all of those on offer.

  2. Who can register to play at Fantasy Aces?

    The games, contests and fantasy sports leagues available at Fantasy Aces have been designed and deemed to be games of skill and as such you are going to find that anyone who is over the legal age as displayed on their website is freely able to register as a new user and then play their range of contests and leagues.

  3. What Banking Options Can I Use?

    One aspect that does appeal to a lot of fantasy sports enthusiast about Fantasy Aces s that you are able to make a deposit into your account using one of many different banking options, all of which are processed in real time. You will find that they accept deposit via Discovery, MasterCard and Visa along with offering players the ability to fund their accounts and also withdraw winnings from their account using PayPal.

  4. Are News Stories Available?

    One thing that does separate Fantasy Aces from most other sites is that when you visit their website you are going to find a range of relevant and up to date news stories covering every one of their available fantasy sport games, and as such you will always be able to view and read through those news stories which may help in your quest of having more winning sessions than losing one’s!

  5. Are One Day Opportunities Available

    It is actually the one day fantasy sports contests that Fantasy Aces are famed for having on offer via their site. With this in mind if you are the type of player who does not want to wait until the end of each sporting season to discover if the team you assembled has been the best performing team then you are actively encouraged to take part in those one day contests, as you will never be waiting for very long to find out if your team have been successful or not!

  6. Are Payouts Paid Out Rapidly

    We do not want any of our website visiting fantasy sport players to have to wait any longer than the minimum time frame to be paid out their winnings from any site we have listed upon this website, With that in mind we have chosen only to present to you and showcase on this site the very fastest paying fantasy sports sites. You will find that as soon as you put in a request for one or more cash out from Fantasy Aces those winnings will be paid back to you rapidly and you will receive them on time every single time you request a withdrawal from your account.

  7. How generous is the Sign up Welcome Bonus

    There is quite a lot of free cash that you are going to be able to make use of and utilize if you do decide to sign up to the Fantasy Aces site, and that free cash is being given away to all first time registered players in the form of a deposit match type bonus. Head on over to their website for full details of how much cash you are going to be able to claim by claiming their 100% deposit match offer for we just know that you will be impressed when you do take a look over their website!

  8. Is Customer Support on offer 24/7?

    You will instantly get the answers to any additional questions you may have regarding the Fantasy Ace site for the offer an around the clock customer support team who can be contacted directly through their website.