1 Day Contests

You will not have to wait for an entire season on some of the fantasy sports contests to discover if you are a winner or a loser, for there are always going to be plenty of one day contests available, and it does have to be said these are the most popular contests that you can enter online.
When you take part in these contests it is important to remember that you need to get your entry in before the contest kicks off and is put into play, for you will not be able to enter them after the starting time.

One of the main differences between a one day contest and those that run the entire season is that you will not be able to swap any players, drivers or boxers that make up your team, so always spend as much time as is needed putting together what you will be hoping is the dream team, as you will have to stick with those you select for the entire duration of the contest.

The buy-ins along with the cash prizes on offer will vary greatly and as such you should always check through the day’s schedule of daily fantasy sports contests and select the ones with the best and highest winning payouts and prize pools!

Frequently Asked Questions

To help you decide whether you will enjoy taking part in any of the one day fantasy sports contests below are a range of frequently asked questions relating to them and underneath each one of them is the respective answer to those questions, so do keep on reading as most if not all of your questions will be answered in the following section.

  1. How do I know where I stand in a contest?

    You are going to be able to instantly lookup your position in any fantasy sports league or contest that you have chosen to enter as your position will be highlighted on the leader board in all of the contests you are taking part in. You are also going to be able to see which players are higher up and lower down on the leader board based on just how many points their respective team have scored. You will of course need to get as high up on the leader board however to win one of the cash prizes on offer!

  2. How easy it is to enter a contest?

    Once you have signed up to any one of our featured fantasy sports sites you are soon going to discover just how easy it is to enter each contest or fantasy league offered at those sites. For all you need to do is to scroll through the listing of up and coming contests and leagues and select the one associated with the sporting activity you are most knowledgeable about. Then you simply need to pay your entry fee if it is a paid to enter one and then select a team of players and that is all!

  3. Do I have to enter via my home computer?

    You will be able to place an entry on all fantasy sports contests in one of two different ways, you can opt to use a laptop or your home computer and enter then online, however you will also find that many fantasy sports sites have, in addition to their online game playing platforms, a mobile platform. This will allow you to take part in their respective fantasy sports contests when and where you like and there will be just as many contests available on the mobile platforms as there are on the online fantasy sports sites platforms!

  4. How diverse are the range of 1 Day Congests?

    There are several different fantasy sports sites which are presented to you throughout this website, and we invite you to read through each site review. By doing so you are going to find on offer a full range of different contests each of which have been structured in a different way, and as those sites we have chosen to showcase on this website have the most contests available then you will have no problems locating ones which are structured and designed in a way that suits you.

  5. What buy in charges will I have to pay?

    One of the main attractions of taking part in any online or mobile fantasy sports contest is that you will find the actual costs involved in entering then can and will always vary depending on which contests you chose to enter and which sites those contest are being held at. Some of the fantasy sports contests will have no buy in fee or entry fee what so ever, but some of the paid to enter contest will have some much larger cash prize pools on offer.

  6. Just how much in cash prizes are on offer?

    There are three important aspects to keep in mind in regards to just how much you can win when taking part in any fantasy sports contest, the first is the entry fee as those free to enter contests usually have a small prize pool on offer, and the paid for ones tend to offer the biggest prize pools. Also the number of players taking part in a contest will often see the prize pools vary in size. Finally some contests have guaranteed prize pools so no matter how many entrants there are the prizes will be guaranteed to be as large as advertised!

  7. Can I swap and change my players?

    You will not want to be stuck with poor performing players in your fantasy sports team for too long, and if you do wish to have the option of changing some of your players when entering and taking part in any fantasy sports contest then it will be the fantasy sports leagues you should enter. Those contests run for an entire season and as such you are always able, at certain times in the season, to swap any players who are not performing as you would have hoped.