Fantasy Sport Bonus Types

sport bonusOne aspect of becoming a Fantasy Sports player is that depending on just which sites you choose to become a member of, you are going to be given access to some very large valued sign up bonuses and several on-going type of bonuses can also be made use of at many Fantasy Sports sites.

However, should you not be used to claiming bonuses then it can often be quite confusing in regards to how those bonuses can be claimed, how to use them and also which ones are going to be worth claiming! With so many different bonuses up for grabs and on offer to players we have chosen to put together the following Fantasy Sports Bonus Types guide which should hopefully help you spot which bonuses are true valued ones when you see any type of bonus before offered to you.

Be aware that you are never going to be under any type of obligation to claim a Fantasy Sports site bonus, and as such you are never forced to have to use them if you would prefer to simply play with your own money, however by looking around and comparing the bonuses that are available online you can often find they give you extended play time and can often help you end your session in profit!

With that in mind please do read on for below is a range of high value bonus types which when you see them being offered to you they may just appeal to you!

Frequently Asked Questions

You will no doubt have a few additional questions related to claiming and being able to utilize the huge number of different Fantasy Sports bonus offers that you are going to see advertised online and showcased to you on this website. With that in mind we have compiled below all of the most commonly asked questions surrounding Fantasy Sports Bonuses and underneath those listed below you will find the answers to them.

  1. What are No Deposit Bonuses?

    No Deposit bonuses are given away by many Fantasy Sports sites as a way to get players to sign up to their sites and to allow them to take part in some of their contests with a set of complimentary credits which require no deposit to have those bonus funds awarded to their accounts. There can and will be a lot of difference in regards to the value of any no deposit bonus, and it is worth noting there are some very rigid rules which have to be followed when using those types of bonuses.

  2. How valuable are Deposit Match Bonuses?

    There can be some huge differences in the actual size of deposit match bonuses, whilst some of them available at various sites may be valued at less than 100% of your deposited amount, with some hunting around on our website you will find some Fantasy Sports sites offering bonus of 100% or more of your deposited amount.

    You will always lock in the best value by using the deposit match bonuses at any of our featured Fantasy Sports betting sites as they all have the fairest bonus play terms and conditions attached to their respective deposit match bonuses, so we invite you to have a good look around our website!

  3. Are Reload Bonuses on Offer?

    There are always going to be times of the year when out listed and approved Fantasy Sports sites are offering something known as reload bonuses, these are special bonuses offered from time to time that will allow you to claim a bonus when you make a fresh deposit into those sites. So always do be on the lookout for these types of bonuses!

  4. Can I Earn Comp and Loyalty Points?

    It will depend on just which site you choose to play at in regards to whether you will be awarded comp or loyalty points for all of your real money stakes and entry fees, and as such you should look around to see if any site you are thinking of joining up to does indeed offer real money comps to their members.

  5. What are Play-Through Requirements?

    A Play Through requirement is how many times you have to churn through the bonus funds and often the amount of cash you deposits to be able to claim a bonus, before those funds can be withdrawn along with any winning achieved by using the bonus credits.

    The art to getting the best valued bonuses are to select those on which the play through requirement has been set very low, so hunt around as the play through requirements can often different from site to site quite noticeably!

  6. Do Bonuses Have Maximum Cash Out Limits?

    You will find that come bonuses offers, but not all of them will have maximum cash out limits attached to them via the terms and conditions and bonus rules. When you do come across such a bonus then you are never going to be able to win or cash out anything higher than the listed payout limit. So do keep that in mind as any winnings you are awarded with over the limit amount will be voided out and cancelled by the Fantasy Sport site!

  7. What are Bonus Codes?

    Bonus Codes are a way for players to be able to pick and choose just which bonuses that they wish to claim and then being able to claim and get credited those bonuses automatically. When you visit the promotions page of many sites you will find a range of bonuses offers available and alongside each of those bonus offers will be a unique code.

    You need to enter the code from the bonuses you wish to claim and make use of into the banking interface as the site you are playing at, and when you make any qualifying deposit into that site those bonus funds are then added instantly to your account balance once your deposit has been processed, allowing you to make use of those bonus funds straight away and with no delays.