Fantasy Sports

SportsBelow is an overview of each of the fantasy sports that we have fully covered, if any of them spark an interest in your then simply follow the links for a detailed overview of how they work, play and operate.

Fantasy Auto Racing – Fans of auto racing are also going to be able to put together their own dream team of drivers, for auto racing is one of the more recently added fantasy sports games that you can access and play online.

Fantasy Baseball – You will not need us to tell you that Baseball is one of the most watched sports,and with millions of spectators tuning in each week to watch their favourite teams playing on television, if you think you have what it takes to put together your own personal dream team then you really should be considering taking part in one of the many Fantasy Baseball contents of which there are hundreds available online!

Fantasy Boxing – Every boxing fan is going to have their own personal favourite boxers, and with that in mind how about getting involved in some of the daily and more long term fantasy boxing contests that are available to everyone online. You will be surprised by just how large some of the prize pools can and will become when getting involved in them, and those winnings are always there for the taking!

Fantasy Cricket – One of the most popular of sports played all over the world is of course cricket, and any fan of this sport will be interested in putting together their own unique team of players which they are able to do at several of our featured and approved fantasy sports sites.

Fantasy eSports – The main attraction of Fantasy eSports are that you are going to be able to pick your own unique team from a very large range of different players, and players who are not necessarily in the same physical team. With some huge on-going cash prizes available through the season you are always going to have the chance of winning big when you get involved with online fantasy eSports contests.

Fantasy F1 – You are not going to find a more exciting fantasy sport to get involved in that F1 Racing, and with there being some very long seasons in which one driver can be at the top of his game one minute only for his form to drop as the seasons progressives, if you think you have what it takes to put together the very best team of drivers then do get involved in fantasy F1 Racing as soon as you can do!

Fantasy Golf – You need to keep a cool level head as a golfer, and this is something that comes naturally to a lot of professional golfers. However, form is something that can come and go and as such if you think you have spotted several golfers who are hitting their top form then why not make up your own Fantasy Gold team at one of our featured Fantasy Sports sites as by doing so you could walk off with some huge cash prizes!

Fantasy Hockey – Not all professional hockey players are going to be playing at the top of their game each time they play, however there are lots of big cash prizes if you can put together your own Fantasy Hockey team and your selected players do perform well. Take a look over our Fantasy Hockey contests guide as you will find plenty of free and low stake contests based around this hugely popular sport if you do so!

Fantasy League of Legends – The Leagues of Legends is going to appeal to a huge number of sports fans and with contests now readily available on which you can assemble your own perfect team then make sure you find out more as there are some very large cash prizes on offer by taking part in these types of contents online.

Fantasy MMA – Mixed Martial Arts is another fantasy sports which attracts a lot of players online, and if you can put together what could be you ideal team of players then you could quite easily win some huge amounts of cash by getting involved in one or more of the commonly available Fantasy MMA contests that are available at many fantasy sports sites.

Fantasy Professional Wrestling – You will either rove wrestling or possibly hate it, however there is no getting away from the fact that you could win and win big if you master the art of selecting just which wrestlers are going to be at the top of their game during one or more bouts. Learn more about what is on offer to fans of this sport by checking out and reading through our guide to fantasy professional wrestling as soon s you can do!

Fantasy Rugby League – You are also going to be able to put together your own Rugby Union team and play in one of the many Rugby League Fantasy Leagues that are available throughout the season at many of our featured sites.

Fantasy Rugby Union –The second code of Rugby which is now available as a fantasy sport is of course Rugby Union. If you have a true passion for this sport and think you can put together the best team of players through the season then you will find there can be some rich pickings available at each of our top rated and fully reviewed fantasy sports sites.

Fantasy Surfing – Whilst by no stretch of the imagination one of the most popular fantasy sports, you will find that a selected few of our featured and fully approved fantasy sports sites are going to give you access to numerous fantasy surfing contests, and with guaranteed cash prize pools on offer we think they may be worth looking at closely if you are looking to actively get involved in some of the more unusual fantasy sport types.