Fantasy Sports Deposit Options

banking optionsIt is going to be pointless you signing up to and joining a Fantasy Sports site if you are not going to be able to make a deposit into that site to allow you to pay the entry fee on those types of contests!

This is something that each of our featured and approved Fantasy Sports sites now only too well and as such we would like to present to you the following deposit options guide.

Below we have listed each of the many individual ways that you are going to be able to send funds instantly and more importantly securely into any Fantasy Sports site, and whilst you may already be familiar with some of the options listed below there are several of them that you may never have come across before.

What you should be looking for is a way to deposit money into any such site in a way that is not going to see you charged any type of additional fees for doing so, and you should also be looking for a site that will allow you to deposit and pay for your entry in your own home currency!

If you are forced by any Fantasy Sports site to deposit using any other currency that your own home currency then you will often find that with Forex fees and some additional charges you are going to be losing out in regards to the value your get from your available bankroll and those Forex fees and charges will not only have to be paid when you make a deposit but also when you make a withdrawal!

Frequently Asked Questions

There are more and more ways becoming available to allow everyone to be able to make a deposit into a Fantasy Sports site, and as such if you have questions related to some of the established or new depositing options available at these types of sites, then we invite you to keep on reading. For below are the most frequently asked questions by Fantasy Sports contest players surrounding deposit options, and underneath each question is the more relevant answer!

  1. Is PayPal a Fantasy Sports Site Deposit Option?

    Whilst you will find many Fantasy Sports sites accept PayPal as a banking option allowing players to instantly deposit funds into their accounts and also being able to withdraw winning payouts back to their PayPal accounts, you need to be aware that not everyone is allowed to use PayPal to deposit at some sites online.

    You will find that it is where you are based on the world in regards to how you can use your PayPal account and what for. So with that in mind always make sure you live in a country that is permitted to sign up it use a PayPal wallet before apply for such an account, rather than waste your time doing so if you live in a country that PayPal does not cater for!

  2. Can I use my Debit Card to Make a Deposit?

    A debit card is probably going to be the best way for many players to deposit money into their Fantasy Sports site accounts, as not only are the funds going to show up instantly into your account the very second they are processed, which they will be in real time, but you are not going to find any additional fees or charges being added onto your deposits.

    You are always also going to be able to request all of your winnings are sent straight back to the bank account that is attached to that debit card which means fast on time payouts and those payouts will not be reduced in value by any additional fees or charge either!

  3. Will I be Charged Extra for a Credit Card Deposit?

    There are several additional fees or charges that you may have to pay when you use a credit card to fund a Fantasy Sports site account, your credit card issuer may look at those deposit and deem then to be cash advances and if so they will then attract a fee and you will have to pay interest on any funds deposited in line with your user agreement with the credit card issuer!

    Please be aware that not all credit cards can be used to withdraw money out of your Fantasy Sports site accounts, whilst some credits cards can be used as a withdrawal option some cannot be used and as such you will have to line up another way of withdrawing any winnings you achieve having made a deposit using a credit card.

  4. Which Fantasy Sports Sites Accept Neteller?

    The majority of Fantasy Sports sites will let you both make a deposit and also make a withdrawal to and from your accounts in Neteller. In fact this is often a very popular banking option choice for players as the funds always are credited to your account instantly and in real time, and when you request a winning payout back to your Neteller account you are not charged any additional fees.

  5. How Many Sites Accept Pre Paid Vouchers?

    There are two main pre-paid vouchers that are readily accepted at most Fantasy Sports sites, and those are Ukash and PaySafeCard vouchers. When you wish to fund your account using either of them you will need to find a local store to you that sells them.

    Most stores now only let you purchase pre-paid vouchers in cash, and you can request any value of voucher and once printed off and given to you then you simply enter into the banking interface your unique voucher code and the amount your purchased that voucher for and the funds will be instantly added to your account.

  6. Is Skill a Deposit Option?

    You are going to find plenty of different Fantasy Sports sites that will accept Skrill as a depositing option, and it is worth remembering that as soon as you are good and ready to make a withdrawal you can also request your winning payouts are sent back to your Skrill wallets.