VICTIVOne of the newer DFS sites is Victiv. They offer the traditional sports and a very sharp, modern interface.

As they are still in the beginning stages, they do have some overlay in their tournaments.

A challenging salary structure makes this a fun site to play if looking for something different from the norm.

Games Offered:

  • NBA
  • NFL
  • MLB
  • NHL
  • PGA

Ways to Deposit:

  • Credit Card
  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin

Game Structure:

Vicitv just has salary-cap contests. No matter what sport you are playing, they will give you general positions, such as Guard in Basketball and Defensemen in Hockey. The unique aspect about Victiv is that they give you a “Sub” position, meaning that your low score is thrown out. This gives players more strategy to implement in their roster selection, and a nice alternative in the event a chosen player is injured or scratched after rosters lock.

For PGA, you choose 7 golfers with the salary cap. However, only the top 5 scores are used at any given time. This is nice since it will keep you in the running, even if 1 or 2 of your golfer miss the cut.

Victiv also has a “hard” roster lock. This means that whenever the first game of a contest begins, the rosters are locked and you can’t make any additional changes. This means that if a lineup has not been listed for a MLB team or a NBA player is questionable, you need to factor that into your lineup making. The Sub position gives you some flexibility in this event; however, you still must be careful when choosing players that you aren’t sure will play or not.

Game Offerings:

Victiv offers your traditional DFS game types: Tournaments, 50/50s, and Head to Heads. The buy-ins for these range from $1 all the way up to $200.

Tournaments- As mentioned earlier in the intro, Victiv is a growing site that is starting to get numbers. But until they get more, their tournaments will have overlay, meaning these tournaments may not fill, giving you a better chance to cash. Their projections also add a fun alternative to see where the computer thinks you will end up.

50/50s and Double-Ups

They run Double-Ups only. Double-Ups can be found at most levels.


These can be found at every price level as well. Victiv allows for anonymous head-to-head matchups, so you won’t be matched with the same person all the time.

Website Design

Victiv has a pretty clean interface that allows you to sort through games and enter into a contest pretty easily. You are able to sort by type of game or buy-in, and are able to enter a contest from the lobby by simply importing your lineup with 2 clicks.


Victiv currently does not have a mobile app or platform, but may have one in the future.

Lineup Entry

You must enter a game and create a lineup. From there, you can export that lineup to other games that you may enter, or quickly enter other contests in the lobby with just one-click.


A unique aspect is that their machines will formulate a lineup for you based on different factors that you weigh in. This is nice to start a lineup or quickly enter one. The other neat thing about VIctron is that when you first join Victiv, you get 3 free games against their machine (Bankroll Builder). If you win, you get a $5 ticket. When you make your first deposit, you get another 3 free games against Victron. The machine isn’t always real good, so you should have a good chance of winning a majority of your initial free games.


Victiv takes a little while to get used to, with their setup and even game structure. They are still in their initial stages of development, so it will be exciting to see what innovations they come up with next. The use of Victron and Sub position gives players a similar experience to the DFS games they are used to, but gives a little variety in the game type and selection.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you do like what you have just read about the Victiv Fantasy Sports site and you fancy signing up as a new player then keep on reading for in the section below you will find several answers to the most commonly asked questions about this very popular fantasy sports site. Remember they have a huge range of fantasy sports contests up and running ever day of the week and as such you will have plenty of winning opportunities coming your way when you make the very wise decision of becoming a new member at their easy to use site.

  1. What Banking Options are on offer at Victiv?

    You will find that you will be able to deposit and play using debit and credit cards at Victiv and will also have available both PayPal depositing options as well as being able to fund your fantasy sports account using American Express.

    However, what you will also find as a depositing and withdrawal option at Victiv is Bitcoin as they now accept deposits from players using a Bitcoin web wallet and you will also be able to have all of your winnings sent back to you via Bitcoin if you so desire.

  2. How many fantasy sports contest are available?

    We have chosen to list Victiv for one main reason and that reason is that when you do decide to sign up as a new member of their site you will have access to far and away one of the largest available range of fantasy sports contests of any site. This means if you are a fan of lots of different sports and wish to make use of your knowledge by putting together your own fantasy sports teams then the daily fantasy sports contests offered here are large in number and second to none!

  3. How are the prizes structured?

    You will find both guaranteed prize pools on offer at Victiv and also prize pools that are dependent on just how many entrants there are in each contest, which means you can always put into play your own unique type of playing strategy and will have at your instant disposal a large yet varied range of fantasy sports contests on offer no matter when you choose to sign into your account.

  4. What buy-in fees are charged?

    There will be a fantasy sports contest that is going to be affordable to you when you are a member of Victiv, for if there is one thing this leasing fantasy sport site knows it is that every player and customer of their site will have only a set aside amount of cash to take part in their contests. With that in mind they offer very low stake buy in amounts on their contests whilst those of you out there looking or some high buy in contests which offer much larger prize pools will always find plenty of them on offer and available.

  5. Is Victiv a fast paying site?

    The one aspect of you playing in any fantasy sports contests that will probably be right at the top of your list of wants and demands is that you are going to want to be paid all of your winnings in the very fastest possible time frames. Sadly it can often be the case when playing at some sites you could be forced to wait a very long time before the site finally gets around to paying you your winnings.

    If you sign up to the Victiv fantasy sports site then you are going to benefit from very fast withdrawal and cash out time frames. They strive to pay each and every single one of their winning players as quickly as they can and this has always been something that they have been able to do and have done since the very day they launched.

  6. How old do I have to be?

    As a responsible gaming site you will need to be the legal age to play in any of the fantasy sports sites as displayed on their website. You may also be required to send in to them some form of indentifcaction documents if they suspect you may not be old enough to play in their daily fantasy sports contests.

    If you are asked to verify your account then that will be a one off process and once your account has been fully verified you can play and cash out your winning sat any time with no additional delays put in place, so do give Victiv a try we just know they will live up to you highest of expectations.